Blue Mist Flower attract butterflies, moth and bees




Blue Mist Flower

 Blue Mistflower Planting Information

Type: Perennial
Bloom Season: Summer, Fall
Attracts: Bees, Butterflies
Sun: Full Sun, Part-Sun
Color: Blue, Purple
Soil Type: Humus
Drainage: Well-drained
Moisture: Moist, Wet
Height: Medium
Planting Width: 3 ft
Zone - Mid Atlantic

Grow your Faith 

 The Blue Mist Flower (we'll cal it Blue Mist) reminds me how far some faith can go.

It relies on pollination and and whatever resources it has to grow into one of the largest shrubs I have ever seen!

Not only does it rely on the pollinators and pollination, but the pollinators need Blue Mist too, for food.

Everyone has faith in each other. That's how their ecosystem thrives.

Maybe the next time your doubting yourself or you're worried it never hurts to have a little faith.

Who knows, if you trust someone maybe they'll trust you? And you can have your own little ecosystem.

Ode to the Blue Mist Flower

Blue Mistflower...
This plant attracts butterflies and bees, it's height is medium just like me.
Blue Mistflower...
This plant grows in the summer and fall, that is when it will be nice and tall.
Blue Mistflower...
This plant is a perennial, it likes the shade; and the sun, second to none.
Blue Mistflower...
If you give it humus soil, it will never ever spoil.
This plant blooms purple and blue, just like my captian america shoe.
Blue Mistflower...
This plant is important for the pollinators, who are amazing plant propagators.
Pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds are the ultimate pollination nerds.
They carry pollen from a flower to another, so that the plants can help each other.
Byyyyyyyyyy propagation through pollination which makes sure our hunger always stops,
cause we have crops.
So get out there and plant the...
Blue Mistflower...

By Buzz Buddy :)


Blue mistflower Conoclinium coelestinum Heart shaped bush


Our one single plant, over 3 years of growing, turned into a little heart shaped bush! It can be pretty aggressive and likes to show its little blue blossoms in all different places than where it was originally planted. It spreads through self seeding and creeping rhizomes. Did you know it belongs to the sunflower family? It is a tiny aster!  A sweet blue cousin :) Its a prefect plant for your native pollinator garden and requires very little care! Various species of butterflies, bees, moths, beetles are attracted to its nectar. 

However this should not be confused with Argeratum Houstonianum, Foss flower, which is native to Mexico and looks very similar to it.

Mist-flower can be easily transplanted in the Spring by separating roots or planting seeds in the Fall. If you have one too many, consider sharing them with your neighbors who do not have any knowledge of native plants.


Happy gardening :)
Love Buzz Buddy & Uma


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