Butterflies Moths and Bees love the Anise Hyssop


 Anise Hyssop

Feeling bored with your life?

Look no further than Anise Hyssop.

It's flowers have a very playful feeling, if you know what I mean.

They are sticking out in the wind and look like fur.

When I come to think of it, the Hyssop dances to all the tunes of the wind and generously shares it's flowers with the pollinators.

So, to have fun put your true personality out into the world.

Who cares if someone else doesn't like it?

Be more you than you have ever been before and feel the world without judgement.


An ode to the Anise Hyssop...

Anise hyssop, it's so cool you can drink it a cup

The Scientific name is agastache foeniculum, it gets all the pollinators to come
the bees, the birds and the butterflies, what a beautiful sight to my eyes!

The bees dance to romance with agastache foeniculum,
bzz bzz bzz I love the way they hum

Anise hyssop, it's so cool you can drink it a cup.

This perennial likes sandy soil, and it blooms purple and blue, hoo, hoo, hoo
It blooms in the summer, and it can grow tall, it's height won't be under 3 feet at all!

Anise hyssop, it's so cool you can drink it a cup.
This plant likes the partial sun, the full sun, the shade you name it it will crave it.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh.

Stop sprayin bug spray on this favorite plant of mine,
or else your gonna pay some pretty bad fine.
Literally, because of pollination by insects, our plants propagate, we get crops which farmers sell,
and we live quite well because we have food it puts us in a yummy mood.

Anise hyssop, it's so cool you can drink it a cup.

Don't call bees pests, without them our crops and our farmers will never do their best.
So go out there and plant a bunch...

Anise hyssop, it's so cool you can drink it a cup.


Buzz Buddy,


Growth and Uses

The Anise Hyssop based on our experience is a eager volunteer and will seed itself generously everywhere. While you need to keep on top of it in your garden, the plant thankfully has culinary and medicinal uses, so nothing goes to waste!

Drying them for pressed flower art is great because of the tiny details of the flower, and it smells soothing too!

It's great for colds and helpful to soothe an upset stomach. Here are some great recipes to turn it into jellies, syrups, cookies, ice-cream, tea, cough drops and cocktail! Click here

It is fairly easy to transplant and will do well in an area in your garden you would like to fill up quickly. The bees absolutely love them, not to mention some butterfly species enjoy them for nectar as well. 

Trivia: Honey Bees help diagnose cancer in 10 minutes!

Bees can diagnose disease

(Image courtesy - Dezeen.com)

Scientific research has shown that bees can accurately diagnose early stage diseases such as Tuberculosis, Lung and Skin Cancer & Diabetes!

How do they do that? - Through their odor detection abilities. Portuguese designer Susana Soares designed a glass device that would expose the bees to chemical odors underlying certain illnesses and based on their heightened sense of smell, Honeybees are able to able to detect airborne molecules in parts/trillion range. Their sense of smell is much more acute than police dogs trained to sniff certain substances or track down suspects. Here is a  link to the full article 


Enjoy learning and appreciating the important roles, insects play in our eco system. We hope this will inspire you to share our blog articles with a loved one, especially children and teach them to care about their eco-system!


Uma & Buzz Buddy



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