'Do one thing every day that scares you!' - Eleanor Roosevelt

Celebrating Earth Day at the Lehigh Valley Zoo!

Kedar had a fun day at the Lehigh Valley Zoo doing a fun Origami workshop for the visitors

And gave a talk about the importance of Pollinator Health

Kedar was excited to make some sales of his DIY Jewelry Kits at his booth! 

I haven't seen him more excited about working towards his goal for the National Wildlife Federation!

He noticed some of the volunteers doing data intake on the animal feeding charts and decided it would make a fun summer project for him to create an App for it! Lot of visits to the Zoo this summer :)

Kedar said that it was a really nice experience for him, as it allowed him to get over his reluctance in speaking with strangers. It gave him confidence in his belief, that there are kind people out there who are generous with their time, and will patiently listen to the message, young entrepreneurs like him had for the world.

Daddy joined us in the afternoon with our younger son, and the boys took a tour of the zoo while I managed the booth :)

I reached out to one of the customers, for whom I had forgotten to return the change for the monies he paid, and this is what he said about Kedar.

"Thank you for your email and honesty. I would much prefer the change to be reinvested into the amazing business the young man has undertaken. It was a pleasure to meet and speak to him today. I manage a bank and rarely see the level of dedication in business and focus as he has shown me today. He made my day. Please congratulate him and thank you again."

It is nice people, who keep us marching forward and doing what we do!

Wishing you all a great Earth Day!

'Do one thing every day that scares you!'  - Eleanor Roosavelt, and this is what Kedar did today! 

Comment below and share with us, What one thing you are planning to do today that scares you, and helps you become better!


Uma & Kedar


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