Honey Bees - Are they friendly?

The answer - It depends on the specific strain of honey bees! The ones in action were the Saskatraz Honey bees brought to the east coast from California.

Kedar had an exciting weekend, lending a hand and observing the hives at Mr.George & Ms Christine farm at Hawsland Farm, Milford, NJ 

The bees were just as calm as him throughout the experience and made it a very special occasion for him. While we always catch some action in our garden, being surrounded by a swarm of honey bees was a one of a kind treat! Especially since he was suited up and safe :) 

Experiences like this for a young kid brings them closer to connected to nature! Watching an active Bee Hive will be a very meaningful immersive experience that a school or a community of children can experience at a local farm near them!

While he was very grateful for the opportunity to examine his pollinator buddies at such close proximity, when asked if he would be Beekeeper in the future, he says he wants to advocate for bees without benefiting from them.

Native Bees nest underground

He does not feel good about capturing and domesticating the bees. Instead he would like for them to be free, therefore Native bees are a cause for concern to him. Native bees are solitary bees, that nest underground. They do not have a huge hive. The mother bee takes care of building the hive, gathering nectar and protecting its babies. They are lesser known bees and are at greater danger of becoming extinct because there is nobody working to protect their habitat- native plants.

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Happy Gardening!
Uma & Kedar


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