Love Butterfly ? Plant Joe Pye Weed!

Joe Pye Weed - Native Plant for Butterflies and Bees

Joe Pye Weed Plant Information 

Type: Perennial
Bloom Season: Summer
Attracts: Bees Butterflies
Sun: Sun Part-Sun
Color: Pink Purple
Soil Type: Moist
Drainage: Well-drained
Moisture: Moist
Height: Tall
Planting Width: 2 ft
These plants do not grow very well from seed, although it can be done. Best time to transplant them is in early spring when new shoots develop from the previous year's growth. Remember to leave the leaves through Fall and winter for the little critters that will use it to overwinterise. Ideal time to dead-head them is in the Spring when food and shelter comes easy for the little insects.

Joe Pye Weed teaches me to Make Happiness

If you feel like you or/and those around you are unhappy, it's time to introduce Joe Pye Weed.
This plant makes me feel happy because it attracts so many butterflies.
Which means it's providing nectar to so many butterflies.
It teaches me that happiness comes from helping others.
So when you are unhappy, buying yourself something or going out to dinner will help but you will feel much better if you do something kind for another person.
And here is a pro-tip :) Just like Santa, it's best not to tell the person that you did it for them!

My song for Joe Pye Weed

What’s up people, we’re talking Joe Pye weed!

It is a plant that you really need.

What a deed telling you what it attracts,

In just a minute, I will spill all the facts.

I don’t know about you, but I am super hyped,

And if you guessed so, you are right.

It attracts bees a lot, makes them calm and lose their thought

They sit on the Joe Pye weed for hours

To snack on the nectar from its flowers.

And that’s not all people

The butterflies flutter helter -skelter

Searching the Joe-pye weed for its sweet nectar

These are pollinators, they are plant creators,

They do pollination, its important for the next generation.

They carry pollen from a flower to another,

Which helps our plants propagate and puts us in our current state

Happy, healthy with a very berry delicious plate, Yum!

Hey people, they need our help, For they cant yell or yelp!

They are going into serious decline, not helping them is just a crime!

Without the pollinators we lose 70% of our food,

It puts me in a really bad mood.

It’s a perennial,

tan tan than taan…

C’on man, you want to know its bloom season,

Its summer for a reason! It loves the sun!

It blooms in pink and purple too! I planted it last year,

And it grew and grew! From 1, to 2 to 3, to 4,

The joe pye weed grew more and more!

This plant can grow tall, its not tiny its not small.

You should plant it 2 feet wide,

It likes the soil moist, not dried.

So get out there and plant your Joe pye weed,

Our planet needs your tiny good deed!

Joe pye weed mate, Joe pye weed!

Plant it and be sweet!

 Yours Truly Buzz Buddy :)


How it got it's name 

Ever wonder why it's called Joe Pye and not Joy Pee Weed?

It turns out Joe Pye was an Indian medicine man who used preparations from this weed to cure typhoid. His concoctions were supposed to have helped stop an epidemic in colonial Massachusetts and therefore the plant is dedicated to him.

Even though the bees and butterflies love this plant for nectar and help with its pollination, given the compacted nature of the flowers, this plant is self pollinating!

What is even more interesting about the Joe Pye weed is that it is a part of the composite family of Daises, asters and sunflowers. However, instead of the typical rays that most composite flowers display, Joe Pye weed has tubular disc flowers which are useful to the long tongued butterflies and bees. 


Hope you will enjoy growing this plant in your garden and inviting the beautiful pollinators to your yard!

Uma & Buzz Buddy :)



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