Like Wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow in all the places, people thought you never would! E.V

Last summer after writing a lot of code to for his Pollinator Gardening App, Kedar took a keen interest in identifying species of flowers and caterpillars around the neighborhood and also in our own garden. He learned a lot about the food chain as a whole and why some bugs such as the aphids, ladybugs and wasps who were rather predatory, also served a very important role. 

For e.g the Aphids feed the ladybugs, the ladybugs feed the spiders and the spiders are good for the birds. The birds are great pollinators. And so rolls the food chain!

Kedar's art experiments last summer ranged from his favorite doodling to other mediums such as water color, poster colors and something that he enjoyed the most, pressed flower art using mixed media materials!

Yes! Collecting leaves and flowers, and pressing them to make little scenes inspired by wildlife became a fun experiment! 

Kedar with his Penn State Ext Mentor Ms Consuelo Almovodar at the Belthlehem VegFest doing a Native Plant sale

Kedar at his booth with his mentor from the Penn State Extension, doing a plant sale at the Belthlehem VegFest and educating people about Pollinator Gardening with his App

We used the proceeds from his summer plant sale that was sponsored by the Lehigh Gap Nature Center (LGNC) to purchase supplies and he worked on some pieces for their Art show that Fall. 

Here are the 3 that he submitted! 1 of his pieces, won first place in the youth category. Kedar donated all 3 of his entries, for LGNC to sell. We were so thrilled to learn this Spring that all of his work sold and the center is using the proceeds towards Nature education! 

Pressed Flower Art - Lehigh Nature Gap Center Art Show - Wildflowers

Art work above, depicting L-R, L1 Summer Azures butterflies on a branch,

R1 - Skipper butterfly on some clover, L2 - Bees feasting on a GoldenRod

R2- Drangonfly on some Phlox

Pressed Wildflower Art - Delphinium and Goldenrods - LGNC Art Show

Meadow Magic

{Yellow Golden Rods, Delphiniums and a spread of Swamp Milkweed seeds}


It is so wonderful when everything comes full circle. He is very excited to make a lot more of them this year and will be doing some cool videos where he shares the pressing, the assembly and painting touches he adds to his one of a kind art work! 

Summer, we are so ready for you! :)

Love, Uma & Kedar

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