MOMs - Magicians of Mankind

Kedar rocking the NICU! L- 2018, delivering Mother's Day gifts, R- 2008, Kedar as a premature newborn

     Hope you had a great Mother's Day! 

Doing some good! Kedar created some Origami Butterfly Brooches for the Moms of Preemie babies at the St Luke's NICU

Kedar was excited to make some special gifts and donate them to the St.Luke's NICU to celebrate MOMs with 'preemie' babies. His nifty little hands quickly folded, twisted and crafted several butterflies that we were able to take to the NICU. He also hand wrote sweet Mother's Day wishes on each one of them! 

It was the first time he has been in the NICU to see tiny babies like himself! It brought back so many memories for us!

Moms are master magicians who effortlessly make magic happen through their brave journeys of motherhood! With their 'love' potions they make us feel nurtured, curious, brave and caring creatures who can make the world a better place one simple deed at a time. 


Talking about the 'Power of Mothers' reminds me of a story from India which is close to my heart. It is the story of a mother called Hirakani Buruj (Hira). A poor milkmaid woman who lived in the kingdom of a great king called Shivaji in India. It is believed that the king had the most magnificent fort that none of his enemies could break into, and it provided his kingdom great security. The fort was built on high mountains, and was impossible for an army to attack. The fort closed every evening at dusk. Mother Hira sold milk to the residents inside the fort everyday and returned home to take care of her little one. She breastfed her infant and made quick trips to conduct sales.

Tribute to Mothers - Hirakani Buruj

                                           Image courtesy - Amarchitra Katha

On that fateful day,  she missed leaving the fort before it closed and was left with no choice but to stay till dawn, when she could reunite with her baby. This was not acceptable to her. Since the guards would not open the gates, Hira out of sheer will climbed the fort, bracing herself against wild animals and vegetation and successfully leaped over to the other side and reached home to feed her baby! A feat that stunned the king and everyone who heard her story! The king honored her courage and apologized for the inhumane law that separated the mother from the child. The fort Hira jumped, is still intact today and is called 'Raigad Fort' and is a tourist spot enjoyed by many!

To the magicians of mankind, no feat is impossible when it is done with love for their children :)

Love, Uma & Kedar

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