Stokes Aster - A Fall beauty!


Stokes Aster Take comfort

Stokes Aster Plant Information

Genus: Stokesia, Species: laevis
Zone: 5 - 9
Bloom Start to End: Late Summer - Mid Fall
Habit: Upright
Plant Height: 24 in
Plant Width: 12 in - 24 in
Bloom Size: 3 in - 4 in

According to experts the best time to transplant asters is between late spring and early summer. Transplants in the fall prove risky and one needs to be careful to get a full root ball to ensure it's survival. Growing them from seed is an option , but the germination rates are not very high.

Stokes Aster Seed Pod Germination

They last several days after being picked and make for great floral arrangements. Deer do seem to like the New England Aster's flower heads, but the white wood asters, heath asters, Lowry asters are some other varieties do not seem to attract them. 

 The comforting Stokes Aster

The stokes aster reminds me of how to find comfort.

This plant is always relaxing, it's flowers are kind of just laying on the leaves.

Finding comfort is not just about sitting on a couch.

You have to find comfort deep within.

The fact that one part of stokes aster is sort of lying on another part of itself reminds me that you should trust yourself.

If you feel stressed or/and uncomfortable, relax and trust yourself, your thoughts, and your ideas.

If you have faith in yourself and your loved ones, you won't feel the need to worry about anything!

Celebrating an Aster

Aster, it will help the pollinators eat, and pollinate faster!

It is the master of Asteraceae.

My oh my, Asteraceae is a family, and we spray these kinds of plants.

Here, ill explain through an analogy.

Imagine you want to eat a treat.

And then your brother comes, and he wants food too, yummy yums!

But you don’t want to share, cause to you it’s not fair.

So, you poison and when your brother eats, he doesn’t feel in a good mood.

I mean come on dude!

He then dies, and u don’t even cry.

You see, your brother is the pollinators, and the food is the plants.

Ya, you and those chemicals shouldn’t be having romance.

So, don’t spray chemicals especially on

Aster, it will help the pollinators eat, and pollinate faster!

It is the master of Asteraceae.

This plant in blooms in pink and purple.

Its flowers look kind of like a spikey circle.

You know what aster means?

It was probably named by Greek teens.

Aster means star, but to get some species of this plant you don’t need to go very far!

It’s called star because its flower looks like one, and your garden doesn’t need to have none.

Just go to my app, the link will be below and look for some asters.

Then go to the nursery and get them, it will save us from mayhem.

 So, go plant the aster, this plant is a perennial it will come every year.

And without it we would have something to fear!

The decline of pollinators.

Get out there and plant…

Aster, it will help the pollinators eat, and pollinate faster!

It is the master of Asteraceae.

By Buzz Buddy :)

Uses of the Aster

 American Indians used this plant to treat skin rashes, earaches, stomach pains and intestinal fevers with different species. The Meskwaki tribe used the smoke as aromatics in their ancient day Sauna or 'sweat baths'. The ancient Latins seem to have used certain Aster species to treat sciatica pain and relieve people from snakebites. 

Did you know that flowers and bumble bees communicate with each other through electric signals to indicate their pollen level, which means a bee will know if a flower has already been visited by another insect. How bees detect this signal is not clearly known, it seems to have a similar effect on their hairs like going near a television has for humans. According to the University of Bristol team, It is believed that the plants emit a negative charged electric field and the bee receives a positive charge when they fly through the air. When the bee landed on the plant, the plant's electric potential changed and remained altered for several minutes, leading to the next visitor to pick up the quality of the electric charge, which means a bumblebee has memory and association of different plant electric field and charge! How very fascinating?!

Nature has such mysterious ways to make the food chain effective, and scientists are simply scratching the surface with understanding how everything is inter-connected. 

It doesn't stop here. According to the Oxford Academic Journal of Botany, different insects seem to have a preference for colors when it comes to visiting a plant for nectar source. Bees like purple, ants like UV Yellow and green, beetles like white and yellow flowers,and butterflies seem to gravitate to pink flowers.

We remember sharing some of this information at a 'family festival' and it peeked some parent's interest to help their children avoid going near flowers, to help them manage their bee allergies! 







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