What motivates us to solve problems?

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all having a great summer! Kedar was invited to be a Key Note Speaker at the Paradigm Challenge Award Ceremony in LA and enjoyed meeting some wonderful young problem solvers who are making a difference with their ideas, inventions and efforts!

According to their founder & CEO, Jeff Richardson, the Paradigm Challenge invites students aged 4-18 around the world to use kindness, creativity and collaboration to help solve real-life problems. 

Kedar was a winner for his age category last year, and was very excited to be invited again to LA to be part of the award ceremony!  He enjoyed his first experience of being a 'discussion moderator' for the winners, that evening.

Kedar- a discussion moderator at the Paradigm Challenge Award ceremony 2018

Kedar used the example from nature, specifically a story about his 'pollinator buddies' :), to demonstrate how we are all interconnected in the circle of life, and helping ourselves by helping others, brings us lasting happiness. What motivates us to solve problems? Listen to his talk below

Alex Sanchez, Kedar Narayan and Jeff Richardson - Paradigm Challenge

Kedar with the founders of the Paradigm Challenge - Mr. Jeff Richardson (R) and Mr. Alex Sanchez (L)


Here are some tips from Kedar to work on inventions, based on his experience

The world has more problems that people! What are you waiting for? Wear your  problem solving hat and start working on as many as you can! Enter the Paradigm Challenge for 2019 here

Enjoy summer while it lasts,

Love, Uma & Kedar

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