Bunny rabbit pendant with necklace and earrings set

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Looking for a unique present for a special someone?  Our ‘Do it yourself’ Bunny necklace and earring set will make a perfect present for them! Made from environmentally conscious materials, they are made to last. These wearable keepsakes are one of a kind, whimsical pieces that is sure to start a conversation. The kit comes with a nontoxic sealer to finish the product and make it water resistant and tear free. Start making and create happy memories with people you love. 

This is an easy to make item. No jewelry making tools needed.

This beautiful DIY Bunny jewelry making kit consists of materials to create 

  • A Bunny necklace
  • 2 Heart earrings


Paper to create Bunny pendant - Our paper is hand made from recycled wastes. What this means is that our paper was produced from used cotton t-shirts rags that were converted into paper. Not a single tree was cut to produce it. It is hand crafted and manually screen printed with rich fabric patterns.

It is Acid Free, high quality paper with a GSM (weight) of 100-110.

The paper has a texture that feels like soft cloth and part paper. When it is sealed, it has a feel of pliable leather. Bunny paper size – A 2 inches square for the pendant, 2 pieces of 1.5 inches triangle papers for earrings.

Paper to create Origami Box - 2 sheets of random contrasting colors. Traditional Origami Paper. Matt finish, sheets are double sided with same color on both sides. 100% recyclable. Size 2 sheets, 8X8 inches squares.

Hardware for Bunny necklace –

1 count of 20 inches long stainless-steel beaded chain necklace (1.5 mm thickness). Hypoallergenic. Lead, nickel and cadmium free.

One stainless steel washer and one pinch clip clasp to attach origami Bunny to the necklace

Hardware for the Heart earrings

2 stainless steel washers to attach origami hearts.

2 stainless steel earring wire buckles with silicone clear earring backs to create the earrings.

Glue - Mod Podge Gloss Finish, 2 oz. The glue makes the seals the product and makes it strong. They are water resistant and will not tear or break. However, they are not water proof.


Size of Final Product when made is approximately 1 inch wide X 1 inch tall for the pendant and 3/4th inch for the earring.

DIY Instructions

We do our best to go paper free to save trees! Please use our step by step video guide on how to create this jewelry - here 

Skill Level

No jewelry tools needed! Ideal for beginners and experienced craft enthusiasts alike. These models are easy to make and look beautiful when done. 

P.S - All the components in our kit, are safe for the environment and to the people creating it. 

Inspiration - Our jewelry keepsakes are inspired by the wonderful heroes from nature. The Bunny that you will create for your loved one, will honor the wild rabbit. These creatures (sometimes causing quite the havoc in our gardens!) helps the Eco-system through disbursing and eating native plant seeds, thereby aiding with pollination. These animals are clever creatures known to represent abundance and fertility.

Unfortunately, the use of garden and agricultural pesticides and a lack of abundant habitat, replaced by mono-culture lawns, has created survival crisis for the native plants and the insects that depend on them for pollination.

Our free App teaches you how to plant native plants and attract beneficial insects to your beautiful garden. Download here

10% of our profits goes to support the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts towards Pollinator Health

Shipping is $5 flat /kit.