Our Story


*Do you ever wonder where the butterflies hide in the rain or where the bees live when it snows?

*Do your eyes light up to those bright wildflowers on the roadside and make you wonder how they grew there without any care?

*Do whimsical handmade gifts from the family hold special meaning and a sweet sentiment for you?

*Are you a crafty kind of person who gets excited by DIY projects? Perhaps, you love to do it with the kids, to make it even more fun? But wished that the next project didn’t require you to buy 10 different things to make it? 

If you answered Yes to any or all the questions above, you didn’t arrive here by accident!

Welcome! Join the party of nature and craft loving people who enjoy creating fun projects inside and outside the house!

What do we do?

Bee a Wildlife Super Hero, Grow native plants

We here at “Heart for Wildlife” have a passion for Wildlife and paper crafts! We share interesting facts with you, in the hope that you can take action in small, meaningful steps to make our planet a better place!

We offer unique whimsical DIY Craft Kits, that you will enjoy making for your loved ones! Our designs take inspiration from Nature, and celebrates the unsung Heroes in the wild that work silently for humanity to flourish.

Our environmentally conscious ‘DIY Craft Kits’ will excite you to create that one of a kind artistic brooch, or a tabletop keepsake to celebrate the everyday ‘Special' people in your life that nurture you with their attention and love! Our products are safe for the planet and for kids to handle.

Who we are -

Our business is a family affair that came together to encourage our 10-year-old son Kedar’s passion for the pollinators! Kedar enjoys learning deeply about any topic. And when he decided to help Mom and Dad with some gardening around the backyard, he dug deep!

When he learned a species of the Bumblebee population was in decline and we were losing several other insect populations affecting the world food web, he decided to do something about it!


Words from Kedar

Pollinators are cute, honest creatures and are very fascinating.  I love them all! My goal is to see every Pollinator species in survival. To complete this goal, I want to plant every Native plant that the pollinators’ love! I have learned so much about the Native plants, that when I go to the nurseries, I feel like I am in a candy store! I want them all, LOL! One day I will make the biggest Pollinator garden in the world. For now, I have around 30 different Native plants. I feel like my plants are my babies and the pollinators are my best friends!

My native Bee buddies are incredible! There is a species of bee called the ‘Blue Orchard Mason Bee’ – About 250 of these cool Native Bees can pollinate 1 acre of Apple Trees, while it would take 10,000-250,000 honey bees to do the same amount of work!

I was surprised to learn that most of us were not planting Native plants. 

I wanted to do something about it.  I wanted to educate people about the benefits of Pollinator gardens and how WE all can help. Besides, pollinators contribute 29 billion dollars annually to the US Farm income! Why don’t we reward them for all their hard work, with at-least a small pollinator garden?

Here is what I did - I built an app called ‘Pollinator For A Pet’ to help more of us learn about the pollinators and pollinator gardening.

It’s on google play for free! Here’s a link Pollinator For A Pet

I also did a plant sale at my local VegFest event to educate people about Pollinator Health and how we can make a difference.

That’s when I came up the idea for my company “HeartforWildLife.com”! With a lot of help from my parents, here I am - ready to share my love for Wildlife and Origami with you! I want to support the National Wildlife Federation’s ongoing efforts with 10% of profits from my company and look forward to your support to make the planet a better place.

Together, let us become the United World of Pollinators!

Keep in touch,


Chief Pollinator,



My ideas were featured on 

Parade Makezine.com The New Yorker Lehigh Valley StyleMorning Call Kedar Narayan National Wildlife Magazine Lady bird johnson Wildflower Center Magazine  

Steve Harvey Show Fox Good Day Philadelphia  Fox29 Philadelphia    TEDX Youth@Scranton  PBS 39 Focus  Wonderama  NBC Universal 

And won Awards with 

Young Inventor Challenge   National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Exposition    the Paradigm Challenge   Penn State Lehigh Valley  Launchbox  MLS Healthy Habits ContestMLS Healthy Eating Contest  Spark Lab Invent It Challenge