D.I.Y. Butterfly Brooch Pin Kit - Red-Green-Purple

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What can be better than handmade gifts for a special person? It only gets even better when you get to make it yourself! Our DIY Butterfly brooches are good for the environment and look stunning for any occasion. Made from child friendly and environmentally conscious materials, they are made to last. These wearable keepsakes are one of a kind, whimsical pieces that is sure to start a conversation. The kit comes with a non toxic sealer to finish the product and make it water resistant and tear free. Start making and create happy memories with people you love. 


This beautiful DIY butterfly brooch making kit consists of materials to create 3 butterflies
* 6 pieces of screen printed post recycled cotton rag paper to create 3 butterflies (see pictures)
* 3 pipe cleaners for the antenna
* 3 lead-free natural wooden bead for the head
* 3 adhesive steel brooch pin on the back
* 1 Non toxic sealing Glue
*  6 Random colors of Origami paper for the gift box



Paper to create Butterfly brooch pin - Our paper is hand made from recycled wastes. We use post recycled cotton rag paper. What this means is that our paper was produced from used cotton t-shirts rags that were converted into paper. Not a single tree was cut to produce it. It is hand crafted and manually screen printed with rich fabric patterns.

It is Acid Free, high quality paper with a GSM (weight) of 100-110.

The paper has a texture that feels like soft cloth and part paper. When it is sealed, it has a feel of pliable leather. Butterfly Paper Size - 2 pieces of 2X2 inches paper for top and bottom wing

Paper to create Origami Box - 2 sheets of random contrasting colors, Traditional Origami Paper. Matt finish, sheets are double sided with same color on both sides.100% recyclable. Size 2 sheets, 8X8 inches squares.

Pipe Cleaner - Our pipe cleaners come in many colors. They are made of wire and polyester. Size 6 inch long, 6mm wide

Bead - Lead free wooden beads. 10mm bead, 3mm hole

Brooch Pin - Adhesive Pin backs. Made of steel, 1 inch wide.

Glue - Mod Podge Gloss Finish, 2 oz. The glue makes the seals the product and makes it really strong. They are water resistant and will not tear or break. However they are not water proof.


Size of Final Product when made is approximately  2 1/2 inches wide X 1 1/2 inches tall.

DIY Instructions

We do our best to go paper free to save trees! Please use our step by step video guide on how to create this jewelry - here 

Skill Level

Great for beginners and experienced craft enthusiasts alike, these models are easy to make and look beautiful when done. 

P.S - No trees were cut to make the Origami paper provided in the kit, as they were created from recycled t-shirts. All the components in our kit, are safe for the environment and to the people creating it. 


Our jewelry keepsakes are inspired by the wonderful heroes from nature. The 3 butterflies that you will make represent the following butterflies in nature

1.Papers have a soft cream background with bright red overall pattern for the wings. It draws inspiration from the Viceroy Butterfly.The Viceroy love moist, open and shruby areas like lakes and swamp edges. They are commonly found all along the eastern USA. Adult butterflies love nectar from flowers of aster, goldenrod, and joe-pye weed. The caterpillars love trees in the willow and poplar families.

For our 2nd butterfly in this kit, we have selected papers with tones of dark purple, light violet, light blue and gold accents. It draws inspiration from the Red Spotted Purple Butterfly, a common species in the USA. We find these beauties in forests and wooded suburban areas. If you would love to help them grow in the wild, a safe habitat would be native plants. In the Southern part of the country their favorite host plant to lay eggs on would be Black Cherry. In the North, they enjoy aspens, poplars, cottonwood, hawthorn, birches, black oak, and service berry plants. Adult butterflies enjoy feeding on tree saps and fermented fruits. They also enjoy drinking from mud puddles.

Our 3rd special butterfly has a cream background, with light green leaf patterns and dark bronze metallic paisleys for its wings, and draws inspiration from the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail's caterpillars are bright green and love sweet bay, tulip, birch and cottonwood leaves. Adults love the Joe Pye Weed, Milkweed and Lilac for the nectar. They love to hang out in parks and suburban areas and are typically found in the Eastern side of the USA. 

Happy gardening and crafting!

Shipping is $5 flat /kit.