DIY Christmas Ornament Kit - Snowman-Elves-Angel

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What can be better than handmade gifts for the Holidays? It only gets even better when you get to make it yourself with your loved ones! Our DIY Christmas Ornaments Kit helps you to make 3 precious Origami ornaments, which are gentle on the environment and look beautiful on any Christmas tree. Our high quality paper for to make the origami models, is created from recycled t-shirts(yes you read that right!) and once sealed using our non toxic glue, they are made to last! No prior crafting experience or Origami experience is needed. You can use out step by step instructional videos to make them easily. These timeless keepsakes are one of a kind, whimsical pieces that is sure to start a conversation. The finished product that you will create from this kit, will be water resistant and tear free. Start making and create happy memories with people you love. 

Our Holiday Kit is inspired by the cheerful characters of Christmas. You will have materials to create 3 unique ornaments -

  1. Snowman with Trees
  2. 2 Elves
  3. Angel

This beautiful DIY Christmas ornament keepsake kit consists of: 

  •  Screen printed, post recycled cotton rag paper, with rich tones of blues, reds, greens, whites, brown, pink, gold and silver to create 3 unique Origami models. All the dyes used on the paper are non-toxic
  • Chipboard for the ornament base, made from scrap wood
  • Textured paper for the ornament base
  •  Red satin lace to fasten ornament to tree
  •  Non toxic sealing and finishing Glue and recyclable glue brush 


You will create 6 individual origami models from this kit. Each origami model can vary from 3 in - 4.5 inches in height.  Each round ornament is 5 inches in diameter when finished.

Skill Level

Great for beginners and experienced craft enthusiasts alike, these models are easy to make and look beautiful when done. 

A tutorial for you -

P.S - No trees were cut to make the Origami paper provided in the kit, as they were created from recycled t-shirts. All the components in our kit, are safe for the environment and to the people creating it. 

Shipping is by First Class USPS within 48 states of USA only - $5 flat /kit.

We do not ship international at this time.